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I'm sure you've wondered more than once how can I sell my own music or sound effects for videos, games, animations etc. It is very difficult especially as a beginner composer or sound designer to get heard. Generally are many ways to sell music and sound effects. Some of them are better and some worse. In this short text we will focus on two which can help when you start and can give you monthly earings if you work regullary.
1. Collaborate with Royalty-Free libraries - you can find many really good and effective stock libraries like Pond5, Audiojungle, PremiumBeat, Artilist. These libraries are full of different music and sound effects. They get daily many inquiries from composers to becoming a provider. Because they are full of many good global composers it is not so easy to get. The solution can be smaller, growing up libraries like Sound-Work. We can't compete with these big, global companies mainly because of the budget, so we are looking for another effective methods to acquire customers. If you are a composer or sound designer and wonder how be heard and earn some money write us. In footer, in Links you will find a tab Become a Vendor. We will review your application and we will definitely contact you.
2. Create a Website or Portfolio - it is another great way to sell your music or sound effects. That's true - requires more work but you build your own company. And one more thing - there are no obstacles to sell your products in stock libraries and on your website. To create your own website you have to do two main things: choose a platform and hosting. For those who are not afraid of challenges we prepare special affiliate link to one of the greatest hosting we've ever used - - This is a polish company that delivers elastic web hosting. They have 16 years experience and are base on thier own solutions. As you probably guessed, so do we also use their hosting. What are four main advantages of elastic web hosting? Here you are:

- Automatically scales to accommodate the sites traffic.
- Resource AutoScaling is a Pay-as-you-go solution.
- Perfect solution that fits an e-commerce site.
- Great approach to problem-solving.

If you are actually determined to create your own webstie and wonder which hosting should you choose we really encourage you to take Elastic Web hosting - dHosting. Below you can find our affiliate link which gives you 5% discount for services from dHosting. 

Best regards,
Lucas from SW Team

I take 5% discount for dHosting

Where to keep the money you earned 

When you join Royalty-Free library you will receive regulary payment. In my cases companies pay you money on PayPal, because it is easy and safe. Unfortunately PayPal has also one defect - relatively high commisions from transfers. What you can do to safe you money? You can open your multi-currency account on WISE. I always transfer my earnings in different currency (especially $) to WISE. They always convert all currencies at the average rate and you have a guarantee that you don't lose anything on currency conversion. I would like really to recommend you WISE. Below you can find our affiliate link which gives you discount for your first transfer or a free card. For example if you have euro currency you will get 15€ for your transfer. Check it out!  

Best regards,
Lucas from SW Team

I take a discount for WISE